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Country Songstress Jenna Torres Brings the Heat with ‘Stirring Embers’

As we move through the dead of winter, country singer-songwriter Jenna Torres is turning up the heat. “Stirring Embers,” the latest single from her upcoming album Heaven & Hurt, explores what happens when a romantic spark rekindles and ignites a wildfire. 

From the opening notes, there’s no denying the Fleetwood Mac vibe of this country-rock stomper. The story will be a familiar one to anyone who’s had a steamy love affair with someone they just couldn’t quit: when that person unexpectedly reappears, it can be impossible to keep your passion in check even when your brain is telling you no. 

The song and sensual video move through the spectrum of emotions — the hurt, regret, and determination that quickly dissolve in the face of desire. 

“We can say goodbye; we can move on; and we can even find new love, but the heart, mind, and body remember,” Jenna says. “Even though we make new memories, there is something about reuniting with someone who once had a hold on you that can put you right back in that place where the feelings are overwhelming and the time and space between you disappear. 

“Feelings don’t belong to time,” she continues. They can come when they come — and sometimes as strong as we are, there is no stopping them.”

From breathtaking highs to searing heartache and hurdles, Torres is known for opening up laying it all on the line in her music, including the recently-released singles, “Prayers Up,” “Just A Mountain,” and “Tennessee Heat.” Heaven & Hurt is the followup to Jenna’s 2021 album, All Heart.

Torres is an accomplished singer-songwriter who has penned songs for Warner Music Group and Warner/Chappell Music, including a Top 10 Billboard hit for the band For King & Country with her co-writer Ben Glover, as well as songs for Martha Wash of the Weather Girls. She has released six studio albums, including the critically-acclaimed A Woman’s Touch and Wild Sugar.

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