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Emerging Los Angeles Americana Artist Hannah Connolly Announces Release of Sophomore Album ‘Shadowboxing’ on March 1, 2024

Learn more about the release of emerging LA Americana artist Hanna Connolly's eagerly awaited sophomore album, Shadowboxing, on March 1st, 2024.

Hannah Connolly, an emerging LA Americana artist, is set to release her eagerly awaited sophomore album, Shadowboxing, on March 1st, 2024.

About Hannah Connolly

Garnering attention for her evocative, narrative-rich music that captures universal human experiences through personal vignettes, Connolly has received acclaim from numerous publications and organizations within the folk and Americana music communities. Her background, originating from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and her diverse musical influences have shaped her into a prolific songwriter, exploring themes ranging from loss to love through her poetry and music.

The Creation of Shadowboxing

The creation of Shadowboxing was a journey of reflection and healing for Connolly, inspired by the profound loss of her younger brother in 2015. Collaborating with producer Jordan Ruiz, with whom she crafted her debut album, Connolly embarked on this project in late 2020. The album delves into the complexities of grief and the process of moving forward, showcasing Connolly’s growth as an artist and individual. Through intensive writing sessions, Connolly and Ruiz developed a collection of songs that articulate the struggle and resilience inherent in the human condition.

Recording took place in the serene setting of Idyllwild, California, where Connolly, alongside Ruiz and a close-knit group of musician friends, brought Shadowboxing to life. The album reflects a communal spirit, capturing the energy and intimacy of live performance in its tracks.

With over 30 songs written for the project, the final selection showcases Connolly’s versatility, ranging from romantic ballads to spirited folk rock, with the opening tracks “Reno” and “Stuck in Place” highlighting her ability to convey deep emotional truths through music.

Shadowboxing represents a significant milestone in Connolly’s career, marking her evolution as a songwriter and performer. Her journey, from viral covers to captivating live shows, illustrates her commitment to storytelling and her place within the Americana genre.


As Connolly continues to share stages with notable artists and engage audiences with her heartfelt performances, Shadowboxing is poised to be a defining work that resonates with listeners and critics alike, solidifying her status as a compelling voice in contemporary music.

Where to Catch Hannah Connolly on Tour

2/21-25 – Kansas City, MO – Folk Alliance International
2/26 – San Francisco, CA – The Independent (support for Young the Giant)
3/06 – Women of Americana Instagram Takeover
3/07 – Phoenix, AZ – The Rebel Lounge (support for Sam Outlaw)
3/08 – Los Angeles, CA – Zebulon (support for Sam Outlaw) [Album Release]
3/09 – Costa Mesa, CA – The Wayfarer (support for Sam Outlaw)
3/10 – San Diego, CA – The Holding Company (support for Sam Outlaw)
3/15 – San Diego, CA – Folk Arts Rare Records (w/ Abby Litman)
3/16 – Tehachapi, CA – Casa Con Tiki House Concert (w/ Abby Litman)
3/17 – San Francisco, CA – Brick & Mortar (w/ Abby Litman, Matthew Fowler)
3/20 – Half Moon Bay, CA – House Concert (w/ Abby Litman, Ella Harp)
3/21 – Olympia, WA – House Concert (w/ Abby Litman, Sprig of That)
3/22 – Portland, OR – Artichoke (w/ Abby Litman, Sprig of That)
3/24 – Seattle, WA – House Concert (w/ Abby Litman)
3/28 – Willits, CA – Shanachie Pub (w/ Abby Litman, Matthew Fowler)
3/29 – Atascadero, CA – Raconteur Room (w/ Abby Litman)
3/30 – Boulder Creek, CA – lille æske arthouse (w/ Abby Litman)
4/25 – Nashville, TN – The 5 Spot (American Roots Hoedown IX)
5/08 – Knoxville, TN – Blue Plate Special (WDVX) [12pm]
5/9-12 – Black Mountain, NC – SERFA Conf (SE Region Folk Alliance)




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