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Faun Flora Releases Single “See You At The Funeral”

PHOENIX, AZ | OCT 29th, 2021 – Synth-pop artist Faun Flora has released her new single “See You At The Funeral,” out on all digital streaming platforms NOW. Faun Flora’s artistic perspective on synth pop is an atmospheric delight. Written during an emotional state of grief, “See You At The Funeral” explores the idea of death and relationships using the concept of funerals being a rite of passage. Through the songwriting process, Faun wanted to add a perspective that makes the listener view funerals as a portal to an outer experience that can only exist within. Toying with distinct ideas of both darkness and light, “See You At The Funeral” is a strong showing of Faun Flora’s artistry. About the single, she states:

Written in July 2020 and recorded in June 2021, “See You At The Funeral” details the relationship between the listener and a loved one who they value dearly. The lyrics focus on death as a theme but with the bridge reinstating any love and relationship you experience exists beyond any life and dimension. The song shows more of an intimate side of my production, differing from the pop-based sound from the first EP “In a Daze, by My Lonesome”.

Faun Flora is an upcoming dream-synth pop artist based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Since officially stepping into the scene in 2014, she has continued to refine her songwriting and craft her own recognizable identity with the release of multiple singles online. Through vividly expressive vocals and the emotionally powerful imagery in her lyricism, Faun’s inspired and fresh, artistic perspective is brought out with the release of the airy and reminiscent tunes on the single Trilogy in 2017.

After releasing her single, ’95, in 2018, she began introducing more electronic atmospheres with synthesizers. In A Daze, By My Lonesome is Faun Flora’s debut EP, with the celebrated release at the world-renowned Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix, Arizona. The 5-track EP expresses Jasmine’s inner-dialogues while living through her first year away from home and struggling with the new territories of depression and anxiety. The EP’s hit single, Drive, achieved international attention, scoring spots on radio stations including Alt AZ 93.3’s Homegrown with Mo, KWSS 93.9, and WHPC 90.3.



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