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“First Lady of the Guitar” LIONA BOYD Serves Up Swoon-Worthy Retro-Disco Remix of Instrumental Hit “Popcorn”

Filled with Personal 'Kernels' of Art, Accessories, Life & Locales, Accompanying Video Bursts with Boyd's Vibrant Love of Life

Five-time JUNO Award-winning and Gold- and Platinum-selling Canadian ‘First Lady of the Classical Guitar’ Liona Boyd presents her newly minted version of the instrumental hit “Popcorn” in new single, “Popcorn (Remix)” — available now!

A vibrant arrangement for classical guitar, complete with a retro disco feel, “Popcorn (Remix)” is certain to get audiences up, and out of their seats dancing.

“This version of ‘Popcorn’ has been several years in the making,” Boyd reveals of the newly reimagined tune. “I’m so happy to finally be sharing both this instrumental song, and video!”

Filmed in Toronto, as well as Palm Beach, Florida, the playful and colourful video radiates Boyd’s love of life — all while continuing to highlight her tenured career enthralling millions with her signature romantic spin on classical, folk, and world music.

“I filmed the video in a studio in Toronto with messy, colourful scribbles on the wall,” she reveals, of the song’s accompanying video. “I danced in five-inch spike-heel platform shoes, and wore a funky bell-bottom outfit I found in a little store on Yonge Street.

“After a quick change, I pranced around in a designer green and black evening gown — which was first featured in my video for Vivaldi’s ‘Allegro.’ For fun, I even painted my fingertips pink, and wore a chunky turquoise ring my late mother and I had chosen in Arizona back in the 60s, as well as some pink enamel earrings from my jet-set days in Acapulco…

“Later, I filmed in various locations in Florida, and we also included some clips from my ‘former life’ in Los Angeles.”

It’s personal details like these that weave throughout the video in its entirety, and ones that further immerse and endear Liona Boyd’s legion of fans even more.

“The video is full of call-backs to my past,” she says. “There’s a mini clip of my beloved cat, Muffin, a snippet of Venice, San Miguel del Allende, Moorish Dance, and the Bel Air shoot carrying the white parasol my mother gave me one birthday…

“The video also uses images superimposed from some of my oil paintings, as well as those of my late father,” she details. “It also features several guitars — including one purchased in Istanbul in 2016.

“This was a fun little number to arrange and memorize, and I hope everyone enjoys it!”

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