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Forest Veil Announces new single & music video, “Tear Down The Wall” Out July 13th on Spirit House Records

Forest Veil (solo project of Monica Metzler) announces the release of her brand new single “Tear Down The Wall” from her forthcoming EP, Ritual Light. “Tear Down The Wall’ (and accompanying music video) will be available July 13th on all streaming platforms via Spirit House Records.

“Tear Down the Wall” opens with haunting piano notes that remain steady as Metzler’s ethereal voice joins and floats above. The alluring sound of strings, provided by Alexis Mahler (Matt Costa, Whitney, Shook Twins) on violin and cello, finishes out the intoxicating sound as the song transports the listener into a hypnotic dance with the melody.

The lead single anchors the EP, as an anthem of our times, birthed from socio-cultural and political upheaval; from the Black Lives Matter movement to the global pandemic, the refugee crisis, the Western wildfires, and many other injustices that are impacting so many.

Metzler says “I originally wrote this for my friend’s musical, but soon realized it was a reflection, reminder, and invitation – in these chaotic overwhelming times – to actively choose love and tear down the walls between us. A reminder that “we should be together” despite all the “bad advice” and information that we should be afraid of each other. The chorus and outro were directly inspired by an excerpt from Das Energi written by American music journalist and writer, Paul Williams:

“Tear Down the Wall // It might be fun 

Credit: Andrew Metzler

It might be dangerous //Tear Down the Wall”

“Tear Down The Wall” was recorded at Flora Studios & MVM Studios in Portland, OR. Metzler showcases her talents as songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist (piano, clarinet, bass, percussion) on this anthemic song. “Tear Down the Wall” was produced by Luke Hall with additional instrumentals from Alexis Mahler (strings) and Chris Johnedis (drums).

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