Gabrielle Vaughn Releases Electrifying New Single “Lovestruck”

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June 23rd, 2023 (Nashville, TN): Gabrielle Vaughn releases new single “Lovestruck.” The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Gabrielle Vaughn’s new single “Lovestruck” is a rock jam that will have you singing along after one listen. With rich vocals and heavy rock instrumentation, this song is an impressive blend of pop, rock, and alternative. Gabrielle’s musical inspirations – Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, and Alanis Morissette – are evident as she sings with grit and brutal honesty. Gabrielle proves once again that she’s dynamic and can’t be put in a box.

Vaughn shares, “This song has been through a process, and was so cool to see it through. My amazing co-writer Andrew Hurst and I wrote the lyrics to a track he had started. The idea was to write a sexy club song with more dance-pop flavor. I took the demo to my producer Jesse Brock, and we started talking about some of our favorite grunge bands. I’ve always intended to keep rock at the forefront of my music while blending it with the pop side, and we wanted to bring that to this track. In our conversation, we landed on the infamous Audioslave as inspiration. We headbanged to their self-titled album for a bit and created what became the final version of ‘Lovestruck.’ A lovechild of rock n’ roll, grunge, and pop. It feels so authentic to my sound and soul, I’m extremely excited with how it turned out.”

Opening with a funky bass riff and abrupt stop, listeners stay on the edge of their seats anticipating Gabrielle’s vocal entrance. The instrumentation is still strong yet mellow when Gabrielle enters with a sultry tone singing, “The way that you’re looking is vicious/I want your hands all over me, yeah.” Gabrielle paints the picture of being on a dance floor with disco balls and smeared makeup, drawing the listener in as she watches someone from afar. As the tension builds to the chorus, Gabrielle amps up the intensity as she belts, “I’m always lovestruck, lovestruck, I can never get enough” – her gritty tone and confident delivery are reminiscent of 80’s rock icons Pat Benatar and Joan Jett, powerful and poignant.

Vaughn additionally shares, “I love that ‘Lovestruck’ can fit the mold for anyone feeling the electricity of love. There are no pronouns used in the lyrics, making it applicable to any sexual orientation or gender.”

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