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Gerle’s new music video for “Crush Gone Wrong” is a roaring good time

July 28th, 2021 (Nashville, TN) – Pop singer-songwriter Gerle releases new mesmerizing music video for her latest single “Crush Gone Wrong.” The single is available on all streaming platforms.

Gerle’s music video for her latest single “Crush Gone Wrong” is one of the most artistic, creative, and visually unique music videos you’ll ever see from a pop artist. Playing up the fun, youthful vibe of the single, her take on the story matches the overall sound of the track perfectly. The video’s visuals consist solely of animated characters that look to be drawn with pen and cut out from paper, and the main love interest for the character representation of Gerle is a dinosaur! These artistic choices make the love story between the two main characters incredibly entertaining, and the viewer can easily tell the plotline from the animations.

“Crush Gone Wrong” speaks entirely to these themes of heartbreak, truth, and love that Gerle frequently employs in her music. When an artist takes the bold leap to discuss topics such as love or fiery desire, only two outcomes can follow: The song either loses its charm in its mediocrity, doing nothing other than regurgitating a familiar story. If not, however, it reinvents the wheel entirely. So what about “Crush Gone Wrong” is so striking that it turns our expectations of finding love upside down? The answer isn’t so much in the question of who we love but instead focuses on how we love.

Overall, the music video does a great job of portraying the noncommittal nature of the modern dating world in an innocent and attention-grabbing way. From showing their “honeymoon” stage of the relationship through animated hearts, to the hilarious portrayal of Gerle’s heartbreak after witnessing her love interest entertaining other paper women, the music video does well to portray a negative situation with a positive spin. The artistic choices of this video definitely make it memorable and pair perfectly with Gerle’s sweet, upbeat style of music. While the song may be about a “Crush Gone Wrong,” the music video was certainly done right.

“Crush Gone Wrong”
Songwriters: Gerle and Tone Def
Production, mixing, and mastering: Tone Def
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