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Girls Play Trumpets Too fills the void for young artists, showcases transformative power of music

New Orleans non-profit steps up to empower young women through music as more schools cut art programs due to budget woes

NEW ORLEANS (July 25, 2023)– Amidst challenges faced by arts programs across the country, Girls Play Trumpets Too strives to emphasize the importance of fostering creativity and self-expression in young minds. Numerous studies show the tremendous benefits of arts education, including enhanced cognitive abilities, improved academic performance and increased self-confidence. Yet, while public schools across California are expanding music programming, some locally are decimating them.

Girls Play Trumpets Too Founder Troy Sawyer, an esteemed musician and advocate for arts education, created the non-profit to fill the void for girls and has personally felt the impact of cuts to school arts programs. Sawyer worked as a music educator in several schools in New Orleans for nearly a decade before being laid off in May.

“Laying off music educators sends a message that the arts are dispensable. In fact, it plays a crucial role in fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence,” Sawyer said. “Music arts programs provide a safe haven for students to explore their passions, build self-confidence, and discover their unique voice. Removing these programs robs students of opportunities to develop essential life skills that extend far beyond the music classroom.”

His strong belief in the transformative power of arts programs prompted Sawyer to provide access through Girls Play Trumpets Too. The organization not only addresses the gender imbalance in brass instrument education, but also provides a supportive platform for young girls interested in pursuing their passion for music.

By offering a comprehensive music education program, mentorship, and performance opportunities, the organization aims to nurture a new generation of talented female trumpet players who can confidently express themselves through music. 

Since founding the organization and beginning classes in November last year, participants had the opportunity to showcase their talents in a debut performance in May and they will perform alongside Sawyer at the prestigious Satchmo Festival in New Orleans on August 5th. This annual festival, dedicated to celebrating the legacy of Louis Armstrong, provides an exceptional platform for young musicians to showcase their skills and gain invaluable exposure.

“I am incredibly proud of the progress and dedication exhibited by our girls. Performing at Satchmo Festival is a testament to their hard work and talent. I hope this not only provides them with an unforgettable experience but inspires them to continue pursuing their passion for music,” Sawyer said.

By equipping girls with the necessary tools and support, Girls Play Trumpet aims to break down barriers, encourage gender equality in the world of brass instrument education, and create a harmonious future where every young girl can confidently take center stage. For more information about Girls Play Trumpet and their upcoming performances, please visit

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