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GMA mental health month + self-worth song

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, indie-folk artist Rachel Baiman spoke with Good Morning America about why she turns to music and art when her mental health is suffering and the five songs that make her feel better, here:

On her forthcoming ‘Cycles’ album (6.11 via Signature Sounds), Baiman dissects and empathizes with the mental cycles of individuals and today (5.24), she illuminates what that looks like for her own self-worth with a performance of “Hope It Hurts.” Watch here:

Filmed at Maison des Merveilles in Nashville, TN by Kaitlyn Raitz (Sarah Jarosz, Jillette Johnson), the “Hope It Hurts” is an expression of anger and rejection, fueled by a personal experience that many musicians face in the entertainment industry — being told their no longer a good investment. She explores how damaging this experience is for self-worth, esteem and overall mental health.

“I wrote this song after being dropped by my first booking agent of over 5 years, out of virtually nowhere, with an extremely impersonal email,” says Baiman. “Being told I was no longer a good investment was both a personal and artistic blow and also a realization of the viciousness of the music industry. I really believed that I was on the verge of reaching a new level of success, and when your team gives up on you, that can go away in an instant. That kind of raw rejection fuels a lot of existential questions about worthiness and self esteem.”

Fans can expect a plethora of these raw, emotional acoustic performances from Baiman on tour this summer. She’ll hit the road with Molly Tuttle starting tomorrow, Tues., May 25th at Arden Concert Gild in Wilmington, DE and make her way through Sellersville, PA, Washington, DC, Charlottesville, VA and Annapolis, MD this week. On Saturday, June 12, she’ll celebrate the ‘Cycles’ album release in Nashville, TN at City Winery. Find tickets and more information, here:


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