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Nashville, TN (July 7, 2023) – Country-Pop singer/songwriter and recording artist Jennifer Alvarado recently released her new single “Trigger Warning.” You can listen to the song HERE!

With gut-wrenching lyrics like you remind me of who I used to be, a jaded picture, distant memory, “Trigger Warning” tells a torrid tale of a love gone wrong.

Trigger warnings have become popular in today’s culture to alert the reader, listener, etc. of potentially distressing material,” Jennifer explains. “It would be great if those were also available for the people you meet. This song is about someone that brought out all the negatives in me. I was constantly upset and doubting myself when they were around, but I loved them too much to let them go. They constantly used my past against me and I finally had to cut ties in order to move forward with my life.  My hope is that whoever hears this song will realize there is great strength in sharing the most vulnerable parts of yourself.  Life is filled with beautiful moments, as well as life-altering, heart wrenching experiences. I hope you can learn from mine, as well as feel you have a friend while you are going through your own.”

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