Joselyn & Don Releases “Deep Down” Single Aug 17

Photo credit: Gina Valona
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LOS ANGELES (June 24, 2022) – Joselyn & Don announce the release of their western gothic single “Deep Down” on August 17. It’s off the EP, Seeds & Bones, due out October 7. The voice of the song is Mother Nature with an attitude. She’s been covered up with concrete and denied for too long, but her voice shimmers with authority and seductive reasoning instead of anger.

“Deep Down” is the first single and follow-up of their 2020 debut album Soar. Its swampy guitars, powerful blues-tinged vocals, and ethereal lyrics embody the spirit of nature come to reclaim her wild heart in no uncertain terms. Don Barrozo’s heavy guitar hooks and rhythmic work are juxtaposed with syncopated drums, creating a hypnotic feel. Whether this is a song or a spell is debatable, but this western gothic blues will compel its listeners to dig in.

The inspiration for “Deep Down” came from a wetlands creek within walking distance of Joselyn & Don’s neighborhood in Los Angeles. It’s an oasis in the middle of the city that draws migratory songbirds, raptors, bunnies, and coyotes. The Tongva tribal village of Saangna was once located there, and people thrived there for millennia. The village sites are now obliterated, and the L.A. River is covered with concrete to control the flooding that once regularly renewed the area. But the spirit of that land and those people is still here, as are their descendants.

Joselyn Wilkinson grew up in Montana and used to slip away to the hills above her home to wander. She says, “I feel that nature speaks to us whenever we choose to listen. In the song ‘Deep Down,’ I become that nature spirit, expressing both my right to exist and my connection with the listeners, inviting them to reclaim their own wild hearts. My hope is that when people feel reconnected to the earth, they might be inspired to live more sustainably and protect their beautiful home.”

On Seeds & Bones, Joselyn & Don excavate their collective past and deepest fears through blues, folk, and jazz to plant their hopes for the future. Joselyn Wilkinson says, “These songs grow out of our desire for something better, for our planet, our society, our spirits, and our desire to share who we are.” The album was mixed by Sven Martin, who has appeared with Shakira, the Black Eyed Peas, and Liz Phair as a musician and now writes and produces songs for TV and film.

Seeds & Bones Track Listing

  1. Deep Down
  2. Give Up the Ghost
  3. Seeds & Bones
  4. Stay
  5. Light a Spark

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