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Juliana Tucker Debut EP The Great Indoors and Releases Official Music Video for New Single “Fair Warning”

Los Angeles, CA –March 3, 2023–Today, emerging pop singer and songwriter Juliana Tucker has released her debut EP, The Great Indoors. PRESS HERE to listen. Juliana has also issued the official music video for her new single “Fair Warning,directed and produced by STILLVIKA – PRESS HERE to watch. The Great Indoors digs deep into raw and honest emotions and what it means to know oneself through the lens of all relationships from romance to friendship. The independent collection beautifully showcases the Los Angeles-born and based artist’s vocal and songwriting talents and is filled with 6 empowering self-reflective anthems: Alone But Not Lonely,Let Me Let Loose,Bad FriendsBreakup Highand the title track The Great Indoors,in addition to “Fair Warning.” The tracks off The Great Indoors have already received media support from the likes of UPROXX, E! News, Sweety High, Celeb Secrets, The Honey Pop, and Talk About Pop Music, among others.

“I’ve been working on The Great Indoors for almost 2 years and to see it finally come to life is truly an out-of-body experience,” shares Juliana. “I wrote this EP in the peak of the pandemic because that’s when I felt myself growing up the most. The Great Indoors is meant to be a self-reflective body of work that explores the difficulties and joys of growing up and learning about ourselves. It shows the good and the ugly moments in my life where I endure growing pains and express true vulnerability. While it’s meant to be deeply emotional in some areas, it’s also lighthearted in others, in the hopes people are reminded to not take life too seriously. We’re always changing and evolving, and we might look back at moments in the past and cringe, but that’s the beauty of growing up. We learn the most about ourselves through every experience and relationship we encounter and that’s what I wanted to explore in this EP.”

“I’m also excited to release ‘Fair Warning’ today,” she adds. “I wrote this song about rebounding with a guy after my previous relationship and am essentially warning him to run away because I wasn’t emotionally ready for anything serious. Then guilty feelings start to sink in because I know it was wrong to use him, but I still did anyway. This song is meant to be lighthearted but powerful and remind people that women can have rebounds too! If you’ve ever heard the phrase ‘get over them by getting under someone else,’ then this song is for you.”

Juliana Tucker crafts thought-provoking and playful lyrics that are brought to life with her distinctive soft vocal tonality in the style of electropop, indie pop, pop ballads, and melodic rapping. Having grown up in Los Angeles in a family with deep musical roots, Juliana eventually found herself singing on American Idol at 16 years old, where she notably made it past the infamous “HollywoodRound” and Steven Tyler deemed, “you have the IT factor.” Since debuting in the fall of 2020 with her original songs, Tucker has racked up over 270,000 streams on Spotify and nearly 175,000 views on YouTube, while garnering media attention from the likes of Culture Collide, CelebMix, LA Weekly, Dunkin’ Latte Lounge, Bandsintown, Bello Magazine, Play Too Much and many more. Juliana has also performed throughout Los Angeles, including the famed Hotel Caféin Hollywood, where she celebrated the release of The Great Indoors last night with an acoustic performance at the Writer’s Block songwriter showcase.

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