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Kamryn Palmer’s Clever Country Anthem “use me” Out Now

Nashville, TN – August 6, 2021 – “use me” is Kamryn Palmer’s new upbeat and sassy country single. This track was produced by Grammy award-winning producer, Seth Mosley, and written by Palmer. The lyrics, “must have use me written on my forehead”, cleverly call out a relationship situation where the other person doesn’t want to put a label on it. “use me” was released on Friday, August 6 and is available everywhere

Writing this song at her kitchen counter, 21-year-old Palmer reflects on her solo songwriting. “When I moved to Nashville in 2019, that’s when I really started to find my sound. I found my style, my voice, and that’s when I started writing songs like this [use me]. There’s true magic that comes from a clever take on a real situation, that’s country music,” says Palmer. 
Along with the single, Palmer is premiering her music video for “use me”, on August 6 at 12 pm CST on YouTube. Directed by Seth Kupersmith (North Birch Productions), “use me” is a real one-take music video. From start to finish, this video was choreographed down to the second with no cuts or stops. You can watch the video here
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