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Kate Dressed Up releases “The Fountain,” final single from upcoming debut album

The latest single from Kate Dressed Up, “The Fountain,” tells the story of two people finding
their way both together and apart. A slower ballad compared to the first two singles, The fountain feels like a more serious counterpoint to previous single How Could I Have Known, another song about realizing one’s feelings too late. Misunderstanding in love is the main theme on this deeply vulnerable track.

“The Fountain” is the final track that was added to the album, and the Kate Dressed Up team decided to take a somewhat different approach. Produced by SPHMRE, “The Fountain” is the first Kate Dressed Up track that is live-tracked and features another voice. In the second stanza enters longtime friend and co-writer Vincent Karaitis, who complements Miller’s voice beautifully through the rest of the song. Karaitis also plays lead guitar, while Evan Tsioni plays drums and Nick Iacobelli plays bass.

Klementina Budnik of KXB Studio joins the mix, having created an animated music video to
accompany “The Fountain.” It tells the story of the ebb and flow between two people doing their best to navigate life together. The color scheme of the video shows the darkness that serves as a backdrop for intermittent bursts of color and light as our characters experience both internal and external changes.

“The Fountain” is the final single from the upcoming debut album by Kate Dressed Up, and is now available on all streaming platforms

Who: Kate Dressed Up
What: “The Fountain” single & music video
When: October 22, 2021
Links: Watch on Youtube
Listen on Soundcloud

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