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Kississippi’s New Album Mood Ring Out Everywhere Today, New Music Video For “We’re So In Tune”

(FRIDAY AUGUST 6, 2021) –– A long and winding and bumpy road over the last five years of Kississippi‘s Zoe Reynolds (she/her) life has all amounted to this: Mood Ring, her bar-raising sophomore LP out today from Triple Crown Records.

Full of Zoe’s trademark talent at channeling deadpan emotional observation into poignant musical metaphors, Mood Ring will undoubtedly remain stuck on repeat inside your head long after you listen. Across ten tracks, Kississippi comfortably filters pop grandeur, emo’s deliberate rawness, and Nashville’s studio largeness through a lens of punk camaraderie. And just like the album’s title suggests, Reynolds writes through a spectrum of shifting emotions: elation blending into insecurity and back around into gorgeous awe.
Written and recorded everywhere from her hometown of Philadelphia to Los Angeles, Mood Ring came to life over the last two years with the help of collaborators Andy Park (Death Cab For Cutie, Princess Nokia) Sarah Tudzin (illuminati hotties), Marshall Vore (Phoebe Bridgers, Conor Oberst), Derek TedBartees StrangeAl Menne (Great Grandpa), and more.
“GET IN TUNE,” a brightly lit billboard commanded as Zoe headed to an LA recording session. It immediately made her think of Bruce Springsteen’s iconic garage-set video for “I’m On Fire,” and just like that, her album opener began to take hold. With bubbly synth pads, atmospheric guitar swells, stacked harmonies, and a drop-out-ramp-up drum beat, “We’re So In Tune” captures the synchronous excitement of new relationship energy in vibrant waves of sound.

Directed by Elijah Crawford, Kissy’s World comes to life in a new video for “We’re So In Tune,” out today. Here we find our heroine in the middle of a budding romance while hosting the fictional TV series of our dreams. “It’s the beginning of a love story,” Zoe explains of the unforgettable album opener

Since 2014, Zoe has been making music under the Kississippi moniker, but her debut full-length Sunset Blush represented a significant change for the artist. Following a series of demo releases and EPs including the 2016 standout We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed, Reynolds had finally found her voice, calling the album an honest recognition of the music she always wanted to make.

Now, with Mood Ring, Kississippi will use that voice to once again let the world know just what she’s made of.

1. We’re So In Tune
2. Moonover
3. Dreams With You
4. Around Your Room
5. Heaven
6. Twin Flame
7. Play Til You Win
8. Wish I Could Tell You
9. Big Dipper
10. Hellbeing

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