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KT Tunstall // Window Into An Artist

Vulnerable and bold with her music, Scottish singer-songwriter and musician KT Tunstall is passionate about being honest in her songwriting. In the latest Windows Into An Artist feature from Window Music—a live music web series created by Raleigh, NC based video agency Myriad—Tunstall breaks down the lyrics for her song “Feel It All.”

Myriad, who features locally and nationally recognized musicians that have stopped in Raleigh for a night, set out to highlight Tunstall’s journey of strength to where she is today through both song and discussion.

“Where I made the first part of (the song) in the spring and then in the summer I went home for a few months and my father past away. And this song “Feel All”, was kind of weaving its way through that whole experience. It started off really about me and friends, lovers and all sorts of things and then really ended up being about my dad as well and losing my father.”

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