MADISON MARGOT offers a scenic feast in bittersweet release “God Laughs”

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A blend of punching pop drums and stadium-rock guitar licks, “God Laughs” is a bittersweet tale of how to accept the changes life will undoubtedly have in store, told through Madison’s lyrical wordplay rooted in her insightful, classic songwriting: “When we make plans, God laughs” Madison shares in the gripping chorus.

Meanwhile, the “God Laughs” music video is a scenic feast offering sublime cinematography imaginatively exploring Madison’s personal lyrics, starting off in a glamorous fever dream before the track’s golden-hour guitar melodies wail away to scenes of a barren desert and rockstar hair flips.

“God Laughs” follows a period of intensity in Madison’s personal life, which included a relocation back to LA and leaving behind a new life she had begun to build in England. Lyrically, “God Laughs” looks back at some of those moments and somewhat completes a trilogy of love-themed singles from Madison; the cautious “If We Fall” and romantic fairy-tale lyricism of “All My Wishes”, which saw Madison’s profile in the US, Europe and Australia boosted via press support from the likes of Rolling Stone, Wonderland Magazine, Fizzy Magazine, FaceCulture, Lock Magazine and several others.

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