maeve & quinn Share New Single + Video “Stuck Inside” Another Door LP Out September 8th

Photo by Maren Celest
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“Stuck Inside” is the third single from maeve & quinn’s upcoming LP Another Door. Written during the height of the COVID pandemic, the song navigates the challenge of reconciling our inner life — the stories we tell ourselves about what’s possible in love, work, community — with the reality in which we find ourselves (“I was thinking I could burn out; / I’m so good at being bored”). The track is restless but resolute — reaching for transformative possibility — as the Alaskan twin sisters trade vocal verses and build a playful rhythmic interplay with guitar and violin. “Stuck Inside” pushes back against feelings of disconnection and disappointment. It invites the listener to take steps forward despite uncertainty and self-doubt, to make the future one wishes to live: “I build another door / and I walk right through”.

The music video for “Stuck Inside” was co-created by maeve & quinn and Chicago-based artist, designer and animator Izzi Vasquez. Video animation and editing by Izzi, and video footage captured by maeve & quinn on their phone cameras over the course of the pandemic in Alaska (their home state), Chicago (their musical base), and Colorado (where one of the sisters teaches poetry and writing).

Stay tuned for more music coming soon from maeve & quinn this summer.

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