Making a Strong Impression: A Fresh Take on Sheryl Crow’s Classic

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Following the release of her Pineapple Ridge EP in January, Reva K took only a few weeks to rest and reflect on the positive reaction to it before returning to her producer’s Nashville studio to record a cover song she first imagined last year: “Strong Enough” by Sheryl Crow.

The Reva K version features a few electric-guitar parts performed by Reva K along with bass guitar and minimal analog-synth percussion each performed by her producer. Reva K’s vocal performances and tone set a new standard for her music and while very accessible, convey a deep and compelling sentiment.

During the mixing period in late March 2023, John Mayer announced that Sheryl Crow just joined him on stage in Nashville to perform one of his favorite songs from her. It was none other than “Strong Enough”. A week later, Boy Genius released “Not Strong Enough” as a derivative or alternative angle on the Sheryl Crow composition.
Both events have inspired a renewed interest in “Strong Enough”. Reva K’s interpretation of the original song is quite timely and expected to reach a very receptive audience worldwide.

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