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Mary Scholz Releases Upbeat New Single, “Talk to Me,” to Promote Social Dialogue

Talk to Me is the first single released from the singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album

Los Angeles—May 27, 2022—LA-based singer-songwriter Mary Scholz announced today that she’s releasing the single “Talk to Me,” in advance of her newest album, Begin Again. The single’s lyrics address the fragmented national discourse that has characterized American culture in recent years. The song itself leans into the funk-pop Americana sound that defined the artist’s latest chart-topping EP release, Lonesome. Acclaimed producer Jonathan Wilson, noted for his work with Father John Misty, Connor Oberst, and others, produced “Talk to Me,” and Scholz’s forthcoming LP, Begin Again. The single and the album were executive produced by KZZ Music.

Listen to the song here.“Talk to Me” opens on a light and upbeat note. The lyrics to the edge of entendre as Scholzaddresses an apparent lover. But by the first chorus, it’s clear this is not a love song. In fact, Scholz is asking for an open dialogue with people of contrarian ideologies. “There are a lot of really passionate people in the world, including me,” Scholz explains. “Some people use their energy and passion to affirm themselves and their beliefs instead of starting a dialogue. We’ve all practiced arguments in the mirror, or in the shower, and things like that. And that’s very human, and not necessarily a bad thing. But it’s also not the only place to put your conversational energy. I believe that dialogue is the way forward.

”The track is underpinned by a steady jaunt of piano, accompanied by organ, upright bass, and sub-bass synthesizer. Acoustic and electric guitar flourish through the chorus, providing the perfect backdrop for Scholz’s vocals. The track was produced by Jonathan Wilson and mixed byDave Cerminara. Artists Zachary Ross, Rob Humphreys, William Gramling, and TedRussellKamp accompany Scholz. “This recording process was unique for me because it was the first time I’d played many of these tracks with a band,” Scholz shared. “That meant when we stepped into the studio, we did so as co-creators. And working with Jonathan meant I could trust him to define the album’s cohesion while really listening to my own instincts.”

“Talk to Me” may have a pop feel, but its themes are far from superficial. The single’s artwork captures the intimacy and vulnerability that can accompany the ideological discussion. It features a photo of Scholz climbing through an open bedroom window at night. High-drama lighting emphasizes the artist’s dark curls, and dark eyes penetrate the viewer. There’s also a warmth to the image, as though accented by candlelight, that conveys an inviting openness alongside confrontation.

This release follows the momentum generated by Scholz’s newest EP, Lonesome, released last October. “Lonesome” and the eponymous EP are both charting on the Americana Music charts. The EP has been in the top 100 for weeks. The Rusty Young tribute record My Friend, which features Scholz, debuted at #9 and remains in the top ten of the Billboard compilation chart.

Blue Élan Records and KZZ Music co-founder Kirk Pasich had this to say, “Mary Scholz was the first signed artist under the KZZ Music banner, and with every release, she continues to impress. This single is sure to rock the Americana scene.
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