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mlbacard¡ Emotions Run Wild On New Single “CLAUSTROPHOBIC”

Today rising songstress mlbacard¡ shares her brilliant single “CLAUSTROPHOBIC,” which doubles as a  time capsule to her teenage years when she suffered from an extreme lack of self-confidence. The track itself features exquisite guitars and sleek hip-hop drums that make the track perfect for this summer’s evening playlists, but it’s mlbacard¡’s vocals that ultimately could break hearts, as she can’t hide the pain she felt when she was 15 when the track was written.


Playlisting? You can do so here;

Expanding on today’s release, mlbacard¡ explains “This song is the vulnerable depiction of innocence and the lack of confidence of an average teen life perspective. This is naturally emphasized by having written and composed this song when 15. It creates a clear cut timeline of the evolution of me as a person and relatively teenage life as a whole.”

Today’s new release follows mlbacard¡’s first two singles, KETCHUP & REAL, which featured in various tastemaker press outlets including 1883 Magazine & FAULT. She cites her musical influences as Biig Piig, Metronomy, Brockhampton, 070 Shake, The strokes, and countless others as influences who adds “Instead of doing my homework, I would be writing music or literally doing hours and hours and hours of research on new music playlists is my Holy Grail.” Bringing her own sound together, there’s an inquisitive sonic spirit and a compulsion to work through her difficulties via music in an honest way.

Listen to mlbacard¡’s first two singles, Ketchup & Real, here;

As an introduction to mlbacard¡, it shows an artist first and foremost obsessed with music and all its possibilities, but also with heart and a drive to own her own narrative. “I definitely want there to be a sense of humour to what I do because although life can be confusing, you might as well make a joke out of it rather than dwell in your own sadness which is what I’ve been doing for way too long,” she nods. “Now I’m wanting to reinterpret those things into something that can be for the better.

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