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Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers Share “Get Loose”

The single is the sophomore release from their upcoming album, Get Loose

Molly Hanmer & The Midnight Tokers are gearing up to release “Get Loose,” on August 24th, the second offering from Hanmer’s upcoming sophomore album which is due out in September 2021, and the release’s namesake. The new single follows “Sick of Me,” Molly’s highly anticipated first drop in three years since her debut LP ‘Stuck in Daydream.’

With “Get Loose,” the LA based singer-songwriter stakes a claim to the ripping guitar lines of rock n’ roll and blues, marking a complete metamorphosis from Molly’s Americana and psychedelic origins to her no-holes-barred sound, underpinned by her hunger to create music that incites real emotion, an all important endeavor in the wake of the pandemic, and the social upheaval experience over the last two years.

The lyrics of the single implore it’s listeners to “get loose”, while the heavy, grooving riffs lead by example, generating an almost immediate and unstoppable need to start banging your head the rhythm. Get Loose is an unrestrained meditation from Molly, as she shakes off any bridles holding back her full musical force.
‘“Get Loose” is our carpe diem song. The pandemic woke us up to the value of being alive. And this single is a reminder to savor that, to open our hearts and minds, to break the so-called rules. Carpe Diem, dance as if no-one is watching sort of thing.” – Molly Hanmer

Get Loose Tracklist 

1. Gunman (M. Hanmer, C. Miles)

2. Born on the Bayou (J. Fogerty)

3. I Just Wanna Love You (M. Hanmer, C. Miles)

4. Bet You Think You’re Cool (M. Hanmer, C. Miles)

5. Sick of Me (M. Hanmer, C. Miles)

6. Get Loose (M. Hanmer, C. Miles)

7. Hard Day’s Work (M. Hanmer, C. Miles)

8. Blah Blah Blah (M. Hanmer, C. Miles)

9. Rise (M. Hanmer, C. Miles)

10. Boil it Down (M. Hanmer)

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