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Multi-instrumentalist Ajeet released her new single “Kiss the Earth (La Luna)” today via Spirit Voyage Records

Ajeet is a world music artist weaving inspiration from traditional Irish folk to mystical and meditative soundscapes. Today she released her new single “Kiss the Earth (La Luna)” via Spirit Voyage Records. The band comes together from Spain, Ireland, and the United States to offer a musical experience that transcends boundaries and takes listeners on a journey through song with soaring harmonies and poetic lyrics meet harp, African and Latin percussion, acoustic guitar, and Irish instrumentation for a musical exchange with deep roots in melody and sonic texture.

Ajeet’s creative process extends beyond live performance to her recording studio, where she produces and engineers her own records. She is a multi-instrumentalist weaving Bodhrán, piano, whistles, flutes, and more into her live performances and recordings. Celebrated as #1 on the iTunes World Chart and Billboard Top 10 New Age Chart, Ajeet’s music continues to be embraced by communities around the world.


“Kiss the Earth”, affectionately known in our band as “La Luna”, has become the song we can never play a night without. I have many memories of performing this song around the world, and I still feel the many voices echoing through me. At the end of the night I always invite the audience to sing this song with us, and from the first time we did it years ago in Amsterdam I was moved to tears. The power of your voices, and the way my own voice disappears into yours. For me this song is a symbol, and a practice, of letting go into something larger than ourselves. When I sing it with an audience I feel myself, and my own voice, carried as if I were submerged in a river or an ocean. It always surprises me with its power, and wakes something up that was dormant. To me this song is magic. Not because of any impressive solo or grand meaning, but because I feel our deep connectedness every time we play it with a group of people. I’ve missed this song and the joining of our voices so very much this past year, and this recording is a balm to soothe that feeling of separation. I hope it brings you deep solace and a moment of real connection as it has for me. – Ajeet

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