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Music Premiere: Kate Angel is Risking It All in New Single, “16 Drops Of Tea”

The young rocker from Austin, TX, Kate Angel, is turning heads in her new single “16 Drops Of Tea.” Angel turned her teenage experiences with bullying into a hard-rocking radio-ready song with soaring, sometimes raspy, vocals over heavy hitting guitar tracks. We’re pleased to premiere the single which will release on September 2, 2021.

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Tell us about your new single, “16 Drops Of Tea.”

Growing up, I developed social anxiety and my peers would bully me for it. As a comfort tool, I would drink tea. It made me feel safe and better about myself. When I turned 16, I decided that enough was enough, and I was no longer going to tolerate bullying. “16 Drops of Tea, Taste Bitter Honey” is a sarcastic saying within the song that represents me wanting to risk courage and confidence even if I get knocked down for speaking up, rather than worrying about what they’re going to plan or say to me next. “16 Drops of Tea” is the follow-up to my first single “H2O.”

What was the writing and recording process?      

The recording process for “16 Drops of Tea” was a fun and thrilling experience. I programmed the instrumentation off of my software logic and added raw guitar tracks over the programmed pieces. I wanted to make sure the production was perfect, so I went in to record the vocals at Orb Studios. I would like to thank Jimmy Morales for being a great sound engineer and taking the time to mix the song. Putting the vocals together with the Sony microphone I used in the studio really gave the song an extra spark. The clarity yet rasp I used within my vocal technique suddenly came to life. I feel confident about the final product and I can’t wait to show you, Angels!

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