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Music Premiere: Mise en Scene goes back to school in “High School Feeling”

The Canadian shoegaze grunge-pop duo Mise en Scene made up of band members Stefanie Blondal Johnson (guitarists/vocalist) and Jodi Dunlop (drums) recently announced their brand new album Winnipeg, California, via Light Organ Records, alongside lead single “Dollar Dreams” tinged with sweet reverb-drenched melodies. Earning sonic references to Hole, Dum Dum Girls, and The Distillers, the band’s laid back rock ‘n’ roll attitude sits between garage rock chops and dream pop melodies with a gritty, rebellious edge.

Today, we are pleased to premiere their Official Music Video for single “High School Feeling” conjuring up memories of days spent walking the halls, sitting in class, and thinking about “the one.” Johnson says, “You know how there was that person from high school that made you feel all tingly and you still kinda blush when you see them now, and they make you feel like you still have braces and zits and you realize that no matter how much time has passed you will still always have a little flame for them because they were the first person who made you feel this way, and when you talk to them you are transported to that young teenage self and it makes you miss the younger days and you wish you never grew up because paying rent and bills sucks and you wish you could just only care about your crush like you did when you were in high school? That’s what “High School Feeling” is about.

It was important for us to include acoustic guitar here but also very quiet thumb strumming of my Rickenbacker 330 alongside it. We wanted this warm melancholy feeling in the guitars. The acoustic guitar vibe was inspired by the Rolling Stones and the bass line inspired by Lou Reed. We had so many awesome references with this track and we feel it really came to life with all the guitars.

The duo conceptualized the idea for the video and shot and edited the video themselves. Johnson tells us, “We had access to the Gimli High School in our small town of Gimli! (Yes like the lord of the rings character and yes it’s a small Icelandic town and yes Jodi and I are both half Icelandic). We were so lucky to have access to an entire school to shoot this super cute video. Making fake braces and wearing them was our fav part!

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