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Music Premiere: Norwegian Americana Quartet Silver Lining’s New Single “I Can’t Stay”

The Norwegian Americana quartet Silver Lining is releasing their lovely new melodic single “I Can’t Stay” recorded in Studio Paradiso today off their sophomore album, Go Out NowhereThe band is made up of two prominent Norwegian acts, The Northern Belle and Louien, with band members Stine Andreassen, Live Miranda Solberg, Halvor Falck Johansen, and Bjørnar Ekse Brandseth.

“You know when you’ve suddenly had enough of someone, and it kind of surprises you how hard it hits you? It’s like you can’t get away from them fast enough. This song is about that moment when you realize you’ve overstepped your own boundaries to protect the peace. It’s a way of keeping painful feelings at bay that will eventually backfire. What used to be love has become resentment. Our producer Yngve urged us to explore that pain and frustration in the arrangement of the song, which comes through in the chorus, with the three of us almost whispering the melody. It’s way more dramatic than we’d planned for it to be, and we love it.” ~Live Miranda Solberg

Silver Lining’s new album consists of 10 new songs and includes Chris Holm (bass) and Kim Åge Furuhaug (drums) of popular instrumental trio Orions Belte bringing a steady groove to Silver Lining’s brand of Americana.

Go Out Nowhere Tracklist:

  1. Your Everything
  2. Go Out Nowhere
  3. The Dream
  4. Awake
  5. I Can’t Stay
  6. Time
  7. Days Like These
  8. Master of Disguise
  9. Frosty Hands
  10. Silver Lining



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