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NANCY SANCHEZ (L.A.) + LUCKAS O. (GUADALAJARA) create Cenzontle an ode to the migratory nature of human beings

Vesper Public Relations. Los Angeles CA –October 2021. Nancy Sanchez collaborates with Guadalajara, Jalisco based singer-songwriter Luckas O. to present this beautiful song that showcases humanity’s beauty on both sides of the border and all people have the human right to move freely.

Listen to “Cenzontle”

CENZONTLE is a song full of hope that we wrote to honor all those who have had the courage to fly away from their homes in search of a more dignified life for their children and fairer way of life. It is a hymn in which we recognize the migratory nature of human beings and their ability to imagine a better world, but, above all, love as the main engine that drives us to undertake this path. It is a love letter to our roots written from both sides of the border, celebrating our heritage by fusing the sound of Mariachi and Latin American folklore with elements of global music.

From Nancy Sanchez on working with Luckas O.
Meeting Luckas has been such a blessing. From the first time we connected on Instagram through the hashtag #vihuela, I felt an immediate connection with his poetry and musicality. I guess I should not be surprised that I met someone so like-minded artistically on the other side of the border in Guadalajara Mexico, since we have both been influenced by Mariachi music, Mexican folklore & Latin-Alternative and because music knows no borders.  Now that I’ve spent time songwriting with Luckas I have realized we are simply ‘hermanos’ from another mother. We both came together through zoom and in-person to co-author this very special song called Cenzontle to transmit a message of love, struggle and hope. Cenzontle honors the courageous migrants who leave their home country in search of a better life for their families. All of our families made this journey at some point. My own family made this same journey, from Toluca Mexico to California, when I was only 4 years old.  When you hear this song, you will know why Luckas and I feel strongly that the world needs to hear this anthem of hope and unity.

From Luckas O. on working with Nancy Sanchez
I met Nancy Sanchez thanks to an Instagram post in which she used the hashtag #vihuela. I immediately felt identified with her musical and artistic search; she, like me, incorporates in her songs textures, landscapes and flavors that she has inherited from several generations of Mexican men and women. We exchanged messages for some time until we had the opportunity to meet in person during a trip she made to Mexico. From that moment on we began to develop a friendship and very soon we were exchanging ideas to write a co-authored song. The process happened very naturally; I would send her a verse and a few days later she would reply with an idea for a bridge. We would work on it and then we would exchange ideas again. One day she sent me an audio file in which she sang the chorus of the song, and at that moment I knew that we had something important on our hands.

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