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Neutune Unveils ‘’ Beta: Revolutionary Multi-modal AI background music generator

- Through multimodal AI, it creates music when text, audio, or video is provided. - Optimized for BGM provision, generating copyright-free music in just 3 seconds. - One month of free beta service with no music source restrictions.

Neutune, a leader in AI music technology, has announced the launch of the beta service of ‘,’ a cutting-edge AI Background Music (BGM) generator. This launch marks a significant leap forward in the music creation landscape, aiming to revolutionize how background music is created and accessed.

The standout feature of the newly released ‘’ beta is its advancement from traditional prompt-input music creation to a multimodal approach. This innovative technology generates music through reference images, audio, and text. In this context, Multimodal AI can recognize and process various information forms, including images and audio. This reflects a broader industry trend towards more interactive and responsive AI, similar to developments recently mentioned by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman. optimizes the music creation process for content creators by offering rapid music generation capabilities, producing music free from copyright issues in just under three seconds. This feature significantly reduces the time investment and complexity traditionally associated with creating custom music, making a convenient and accessible tool for many users. The audio datasets used for AI training and creation are exclusively produced and licensed by Neutune, ensuring users’ freedom from copyright disputes.

The beta service, set to run for a month, offers users free, unrestricted access to’s capabilities. This period also includes a feedback section for users to share their experiences and suggestions, emphasizing Neutune’s commitment to continuous improvement based on user input.

Jongpil Lee, CEO of Neutune, commented on the launch: “While platforms like Artlist have made strides in music accessibility, the challenge of finding the perfect piece remains. With, we’re offering creators the ability to directly generate their desired music using AI, thus saving significant time and effort.”

Neutune, co-founded by Jongpil Lee, a Music And Audio Computing Lab (MAC) alumnus from Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), stands at the forefront of AI music analysis and synthesis technology. The company’s innovative prowess was recognized with the 2023 CES Innovation Award and a commendation from the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in September.

For more information on and to participate in the beta service, please visit Join in shaping the future of AI-driven music creation.

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