New Music: Indigo Una’s debut EP “Me, My Angels &”


COVID-19 has given many artists the time to create and record new music. Music is such a powerful healing tool and our world needs much of that right now. Recently, Howard University Jazz student Indigo Una released her debut EP entitled “Me, My Angels &”. She wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered this project and shares the meaning behind each title below.

“Over the summer in 2020 I had a lot of time to think and play guitar. I was doing a lot of healing and reflecting. This is some of the music I made at home during that time.

Boston – This is an acoustic guitar arrangement of the song Boston by Lalah Hathaway. I do not own this song, and will not be monetizing it. I just wanted to share it. The waves are representative of my time spent by the Charles River in 2017.

All This Time – This is an original I wrote about feeling misunderstood. It is a lilting jazz waltz. Like “Boston,” I used this music to help process the end of a season of my life.

In Your Name – Oluwatoyin Salau, I pray you are resting in peace. I wrote this song for you and will not monetize it either. This is the best way I knew how to let you know that I think of you every day.

I chose the name “Me, My Angels, &” because of India.Arie. Her lyrics carried me through this period of transition, mourning, and growth. I wanted to pay respect to the inspiration and wisdom she has given me over the years as a musician and a person. This project was a chance for me to explore different types of art. I made the cover art, edited the videos, produced the tracks, and overall wanted this to be from me to you. If you want to dive further into the spirit of this short body of work, read the full lyrics to Private Party by India.Arie.”

“If you truly find your heart somewhere, you better take it with you where you go” – Lalah Hathaway
You can listen to the debut EP “Me, My Angels &” here on Indigo Una’s Soundcloud. Stay in touch with Indigo by following her on social media @Indigouna and visiting her website