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New Single from DARIA “Thanks To the Doctors and Nurses” – A Kids’ Pandemic Tribute to Heath Care Workers Set to Release February 11, 2022

RIEGELSVILLE, PA – In tribute to those who work tirelessly to protect the health of us all, award-winning singer/songwriter DARIA gives voice to positivity in her new pandemic-era single for kids and families. “Thanks To The Doctors And Nurses” is set for release on February 11, 2022.

In this honest and inspirational song, it’s easy to hear the musical influences of great performers like Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Raffi, and Ella Jenkins. Replete with examples of how to be a caring person, “Thanks To The Doctors And Nurses” models an archetypal heroism for children to emulate, putting front and center joyful lyrics, jazzy rhythms, and delightful instrumental colors in a profoundly satisfying presentation.

Throughout the pandemic, DARIA has been doing virtual, pro bono music workshops with kids around the world. “Thanks To The Doctors And Nurses” emerged from the feelings of immigrant children participating in an Australian program where they were learning English as a second language. DARIA was inspired to compose this song based on the children’s sincere expressions of gratitude for the doctors and nurses who had “saved their lives.”

“Kids need to feel they can do something creative and constructive during difficult and scary times like this,” says DARIA. “I hope this song can be a vehicle for feeling more positive and empowered.”

DARIA has developed ancillary materials, including “Thanks To The Doctors And Nurses” lyric sheets, a karaoke version of the song, posters, and thank you cards for use in the classroom and as a practical way of thanking specific doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. These materials are available free of charge on the Teachers Pay Teachers website, HERE.

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