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OUT TODAY: Ashlie Skye shares her stunning new single ‘Laundry’

Today, self-produced singer-songwriter Ashlie Skye returns with a stunning new single titled ‘Laundry’, which finds her pouring her heart out as she attempts to navigate the treacherous maze that is finding love and subsequently losing yourself.

Listen to ‘Laundry’ now via your streaming service of choice:

“Laundry is a twisted vow to a lover, to do or say anything to keep them close”, explains Ashlie. She wrote this song about self-destruction. It is about stopping herself from poisoning a great love out of the fear of losing it. She writes it as a reminder that good people can lie and cheat instead of facing a dying love.

Growing up biracial all over the world she used music as her one constant. In her intimate, confessional songwriting, Ashlie promotes growth and healing not only within herself but to all listening.

GGM Staff


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