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Rammstein’s RZK Gets Fluence Signature Pickup Set

(ANDOVER, MA – August 9, 2023) – Fishman is proud to launch the new Richard Z Kruspe (RZK) Signature Series pickup set. RZK is the world-renowned lead guitarist of the industrial band Rammstein, famous for their incendiary live performances and loyal fan base.

This Fluence Signature Series set is one of the first to introduce three distinct sounds into the Modern ceramic and Modern alnico humbuckers with a hybrid magnet configuration. Based on the company’s Modern Humbuckers, Fishman added a Voice 3 to each pickup with a true, crystal-clear single coil tone, available alongside the two voices that RZK already loves.

The hybrid magnet design utilizes Alnico V in the neck pickup and Ceramic VIII in the bridge. Available in sets of metallic red and brushed stainless finish, these pickups deliver all the tones and sonic versatility that RZK needs.

The collaboration began over a year ago as Rammstein was about to tour, playing some of the largest stadiums to sold out audiences all over the world. It proved the be the perfect opportunity to put Fluence pickups to the test.

“RZK initially found himself gravitating towards the captivating tones of the Modern Series Humbuckers. However, it was a transformative encounter with our innovative hybrid magnet design that truly left a mark on him,” Fluence Brand Manager Ken Susi recalls.

“The intriguing blend of the blade’s smooth decay and the poles’ orchestrated chaos resonated harmoniously with his unique sound. As a fitting final touch, Richard’s sonic journey was elevated by the addition of metallic red covers, adding a visual flair that complemented his artistic vision perfectly.”

RZK said this about his pickups, “If American pioneer spirit and German precision come together, a new pickup is born. The Fluence RZK Signature Series….. Powerful, reliable, tight and unmistakable.”

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