Rising Singer-Songwriter Ryan Brown Takes Us for a Ride With Music Video for “Carousel”

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July 21st, 2023: Singer-songwriter Ryan Brown releases new music video for single “Carousel.” The single is available on all digital streaming platforms and you can find the video here. 

At the age of 17 years old, Ryan has proven to be an old soul as she writes authentically about the highs and lows of teenage life. Ryan pulls her inspiration from her genuine life experiences, and this song is no exception. Her graphic lyrics allow the audience to picture the scene while allowing the raw emotion to come through.

The video opens with the drummer who gives a quick tap on a cymbal before the piano begins to play and the camera pans to Ryan. She stands in a recording studio with a dramatic disposition, looking forlornly off into the distance. Ryan starts to sing the opening verse, never making eye contact with the camera. She does an amazing job at accurately portraying the emotion of this song while never sacrificing the quality of her voice. Throughout the video, we see different glimpses of her band, all matching the exact vibe that Ryan gives, locked in together. Looking down and softly moving to the music. The music ramps up as Ryan belts out “Just wait/I’m not ready/Please don’t leave me,” and the band is rocking out before coming to a quick drop in volume as Ryan softly sings the last verse. She looks directly into the camera for the first time as she sings the final lyrics “But I guess we did.”

Reminiscent of Olivia Rodgrigo’s debut album “Sour,” as well as other indie singer-songwriters such as Lizzy McAlpine and Maisie Peters, Ryan does not sugarcoat her life but tells real stories and the wisdom she has learned along the way. While the song has meaningful lyrics, “Carousel” is upbeat with beautiful production and a classic pop sound, making the single a perfect combination of catchy and eloquent.

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