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Sally Anne Morgan shares rippling new single “Awake” on NPR’s All Songs Considered; new album out Sep. 22nd

Master folk artist and multi-instrumentalist Sally Anne Morgan shares the rippling single “Awake”, taken from her upcoming album Carrying, out September 22nd. “Awake” finds Morgan steering her rhythm section atop a stuttering tremolo guitar and drummer Nathan Bowles‘ syncopated groove as she appeals to the urgency of climate change and resists the complacency that stifles progress and the dire changes needed.

Morgan elaborates: “This is as close as a song of mine can get to a call to action – we’re all living in a time of ecological collapse, a mass extinction event, climate catastrophe, and we’re sleepwalking through it. Let’s collectively wake up.”

Carrying finds unity in life’s burdens and joys, shared experience of our day-to-day lives. The album weaves a thread of common experience wrapping the listener in the intimacy of emotional response. Says Morgan, “I use my own music, the creation, formation and shaping of songs and compositions, as a way to explore and articulate the deepest, often most hidden and spiritual, parts – of myself, but also since we are all connected at the deepest level, it reaches a common connected force of some kind.” Tilling the rich soil of Appalachian traditions and her rural North Carolina surroundings, Morgan’s Carrying is an album of warm, reflective songs that uses traditional instrumentation in exciting and inventive ways.

Listen to Sally Anne Morgan’s Carrying single “Awake”:

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