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Salvation Jayne wreak havoc with their debut LP, A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite, out February 18th 2022.

An expression of dark matter exploring narcissism, toxic relationships, and the struggles of mental illness, Salvation Jayne infiltrate the alternative scene with this fresh cut of white-hot noise. Riffy and anthemic with equal waves of melodic splendour, Salvation Jayne’s unruly display blends classic pop-punk tendencies with a brazen exhibit of unique flare.

Drawing influence from a varied supply of eras and bands/artists alike, the merge of differing tastes amongst the group provides the catalyst for the band’s edgy aesthetic and unparalleled sonic identity equipped with tonnes of personality and auditory vigour. The writing process of A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite took around two years to reach completion, following a unanimous approach whereby ideas were only used if all members were fully on board. Sitting at twelve tracks, Salvation Jayne have effectively made way for an abundance of fiery depictions amidst cerebral broodings with this full-length debut.

Opening with ‘Apathetic Apologies’, there’s no holding back as far as studious introspection goes. A song about the hold anxiety can have over you and it’s unwelcoming randomness, ‘Apathetic Apologies’ stares the mental illness in the face asking why it must persist. Filled with fuzz, distortion, and pure onerous emotion, this opening track highlights the album’s tone of poppy sentiments with a temper straight off the bat. Track two, ‘Violent Silence’, criticises the egotistical among us, expressing how they should be simply left alone and not fed attention in response to their “foul behaviour”.
In contrast, ‘Diadem’ offers a reluctant insight into the different stages of a relationship, and how in some cases, truths can be unravelled that never would’ve been visible from the start. “So many relationships out there start off with a lovely honeymoon stage. Normally people respect each other and figure out their differences as the relationship continues. Some relationships unravel a truth about the other person that you’ll never see to start with. Most of the time when you realise that change, it’s too late… you are hooked and in “love”. ‘Give this queen her fucking crown!’ Means cut this woman some slack for the shit she hasput up with. ‘Nobody knows anyone, ever!’ is a fact!”

‘No Antidote’ “is a middle finger to Covid 19. Written amid the pandemic about missing that feeling of performing on stage. There are lyrics in the chorus about burning it in order to defeat it.” Vocalist Chess explains, “when the headline came out about musicians having to unlearn their art to find another job, it was crushing. So I threw the word ‘unlearn’ back in the face of Covid (if it had one) and told Covid to unlearn and not to underestimate us.” Whereas ‘I Am Simply Not What You Thought’ outlines Salvation Jayne’s desire to stand out from the crowd. With a lack of interest in labels and distaste for being pigeonholed, “Chess wrote these lyrics when the band were getting a lot of industry responses, stating that they don’t know how to place the band as we can’t be pigeonholed with our sound. It’s frustrating, trying to be something fresh and new when you are up against an industry that wants to hear something they have already heard so many times, as they know it sells easily.”

Turbulent title track ‘A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite’ continues to be rambunctious, raucous and rowdy in all the right ways signifying irritation towards ignorant manipulation. “Sometimes there is constructive criticism, which is fine. Then there are also overpowering controlling opinions which are shoved down your throat when you haven’t even asked for them. People like that exhibit this behaviour tend to thrive off of manipulating people into believing only what THEY think.” ‘Cody’ scrutinizes popularity, a derivative of society’s skewed reflection of what it means to be “cool” or as Salvation Jayne put it, “Shallow people!” Whilst ‘Drink You Down’ explores the conflicting toxic relationship between lust and hate – with ‘Cylinders’ echoing the frustration of working a 9-5, “there is always more to life… you’ve just got to fire on all cylinder and grab it by the balls.”


The final minutes of A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite showcase the softer side of Salvation Jayne with the closing track, ‘Poveglia’. A sweet love story capturing the essence of two people who suffer from depression and, resultantly, the feeling of isolation. Escaping to the island of Poveglia, just off the coast of Venice, however, they’re able to find peace and elusivity. With interludes ‘Burn It Down’ and ‘Muerte!’ Salvation Jayne have collated a solid body of work ready to be unleashed early next year!

Composed of Chess Smith (vocals/keys), Holly Kinnear (guitar), Tor Charlesworth -(drums), Dan Lucas (bass) and most recently Erim Ahmet (keys), Salvation Jayne are alternative newcomers on the rise.

Reigning from Kent, the band began making waves with their 2020 debut ‘Coney Island, Baby!’ followed by recent singles, ‘Violent Silence’‘Cody’, and forthcoming album title track, ‘A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite’. Incessantly touring up and down the country, the forward-thinking quintet has rightfully begun to make a name for themselves in and around the UK, selling out multiple headline shows amongst compiling a series of notable support slots with the likes of Milk Teeth, Rews, Saint Agnes and The Subways. Under their belt, they also have a series of live studio sessions produced by Sylvia Massy (Prince, Aerosmith, Tool, System Of A Down) alongside a Dolby Atmos recording at Dean Street Studios.

Having already received praise from Kerrang! Radio, BBC Introducing’s Abbie McCarthy, Topper Headon of The Clash and many more, Salvation Jayne’s somber dwellings turned boisterous deplores have attracted a creditable mass of admiring supporters in just a short window of time.

A Mouthful of Magnificent Spite‘ will be available from February 18th 2022.


1.     Apathetic Apologies

2.     Violent Silence

3.     Diadem

4.     Burn It Down (Skit)

5.     No Antidote

6.     I Am Simply Not What You Thought

7.     A Mouthful Of Magnificent Spite

8.     Cody

9.     Drink You Down

10.  Muerte! (Skit)

11.  Cylinders

12.  Poveglia

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