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Simon Mayor & Hilary James to release new album ‘When Summer Comes Again’

English folk, settings of English poetry and original instrumentals, songs and poetry, spiced with a little Tchaikovsky and JC Bach.

Simon Mayor (voice, violin, guitar, mandolin, mandola, mandocello, whistle) and Hilary James (voice, guitar, mandobass, double bass, bass guitar) will release their new album When Summer Comes Again on November 12, 2021, on Acoustics Records. Guests on the album include Janet Giraudo (harmony vocals) and Florence Petit (‘cello). The duo has announced tour dates for 2021-2022 which can be found on their website:

Track Listing:


1 ‘We wouldn’t be here’ 0’29”
2 Sumer Is Icumen In (trad arr Mayor/James) 3’37”
3 When Summer Comes Again (Mayor/James) 2’30”

4 The Buttermere Waltz (Mayor/James) 4’00”
5 The Stick / The Middlesmoor Waltz (Mayor/James) 2’25”

Jockey to the Fair (trad arr Mayor/James) 3’12” 
 Jerry and Tom (Mayor/James) 2’55”

8 Lovely Joan (trad arr Mayor/James) 3’01”
9 Barcarole (P Tchaikovsky arr Mayor/James) 5’24”

10 Al Mio Bene (J C Bach arr Mayor/James) 4’10”
11 The Kissing Gate & The Strawberry Tree (Mayor/James) 3’48”

12 Linden Lea (Words: Wm Barnes, Music: Mayor/James) 2’56”
13 BONUS TRACK: The Buttermere Waltz (Mayor/James) 3’58” (live recording on mandolin and guitar)

YouTube  Sumer Is Icumen In 

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