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Sydney Mack Makes Heartfelt Plea in “Save Me”

Delivering to all streaming platforms on August 27, “Save Me” is Sydney Mack’s latest release. This song idea is something Sydney had for a while and after bringing it up to her co-writers, Danielle Blakey and Autumn McEntire, it was finally brought to life.  “Save Me,” tells the story familiar to most of those single and searching- knowing your person is out there, but you haven’t met them yet.  As Sydney says, “You wonder what they’ll be like, what they’ll look like, what they’re doing in the moments leading up to when the two of you will meet.  You don’t care who your soulmate’s ‘firsts’ or ‘nexts’ are, as long as you’re their last. It’s a hopeful song that makes you feel like anything is possible when it comes to love.”

Listen to “Save Me”: here

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