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Tai Shan’s New Single Reflects on Trying Times

NASHVILLE, TN – Nashville-based, folk/pop indie artist Tai Shan is set to release a new single. The song titled “Trying Times” will be released on Friday, February 18, 2022. Produced by Mark Blasco, a Seattle-based producer, and collaborator, “Trying Times” is available for preorder on most streaming services.

Trying Times was written by Shan and reflects on the challenges she faced during the pandemic as a new mom. While grieving the recent loss of her uncle to Covid-19, Shan says a billboard she saw along one of her drives home inspired the song’s theme.

“The billboard read, ‘Trying times don’t mean that you stop trying’,” said Shan. “This resonated with me because as a parent of a young kid with no local help or family, I am beyond exhausted and fatigued. I was in labor for 52 hours with no drugs and this pandemic has been 10 times harder than the pain of birth. “

Shan”s daughter, Sequoia was four months old when the pandemic began. With the loss of touring and a steady income, Shan and her husband (and duo partner) Austin Garrison had to get by with donations, food banks and PPP loans.

“I realize now the importance and beauty of being there for one another through these trying times,” said Shan. “When I sat down to write this, I wanted to write an anthem someone could sing for their partner or their friend to say ‘Don’t give up on me, we can make it through’.” I want it to be a vessel to share how challenging these last two years have been.”

“Trying Times” is a sequel to Shan’s last release “Change the World Together” which celebrated when adults became eligible for Covid-19 vaccination. The two releases tap into Shan’s unique ability to hone in on specific images and subject matter while still capturing emotions on a deeper level.

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