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Tenacious Country Newcomer Annie Vander Is Taking on Music City with Release of New Single

Nashville, Tenn. — Tenacious country music newcomer Annie Vander is spreading joy and sharing how she overcame hardships on her journey in her new single Falling Into Nashville. This song, as well as her debut release, is now available on all streaming platforms including SpotifyApple Music, and more. This song will officially be hitting mainstream country radio in July.

Sometimes it takes overcoming unfortunate circumstances to find out where we were meant to be all along. For Annie Vander, that moment came in January 2019. After a terrible fall that resulted in a shattered wrist and cancellation of plans that were two years in the making, Annie was now facing surgery to repair her injury. “The doctors said I should be better in about 6-8 weeks after the surgery, but that wasn’t the case for me,” says Annie. “From this injury, I developed a disorder called CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome). This condition has been nicknamed the ‘suicide disease’ because of the extreme pain. It took me until October of the same year to finally get back to working and living normally again. I am in remission, and for the most part, now pain free.” Many people who develop this disorder never reach remission and have a lifetime of extreme pain. Because of the length of recovery time, and the type of injury she was recovering from, she had to stop her pet care business and close its doors.” After 7 years of pouring her heart into her business, Annie was forced to slow down and really think about her future. Just like the line in the single, “but I strapped up my boots, and I dug in my roots, had to find a brand-new way to get through the day,” she picked up the pieces and followed her heart to Music City. The tug of making music was heavy on her soul and she felt like all of the obstacles had been leading to this moment.

Falling Into Nashville is the epitome of sunshine and encouragement in music form. The upbeat track features Annie’s bright vocals and catchy melodies that help convey the idea that it’s never too late to chase your dreams and follow your heart, no matter the obstacles that may come our way. Follow Annie Vander along on her journey on Instagram and Facebook.

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