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NASHVILLE, TN (June 23, 2023)Hannah Wicklund — the acclaimed singer, songwriter, visionary and fierce guitarist — makes a statement with “Hide and Seek,” the atomic lead single out today from her forthcoming sophomore album, The Prize (due October 13). “Hide and Seek” is a thrilling declaration of love characterized by powerhouse vocals and vivid imagery with an even blend of adrenaline, melody and fiery fretboard charm. “It’s unlike any song I’ve written,” Hannah admits. “Usually I’m writing about the end of a relationship, and not the beginning of one. The chaos of the chorus encapsulates that explosive feeling of wanting someone so badly that it almost doesn’t make sense. The anxiety of just the idea of losing someone at the same time you’re falling in love with them is such a bizarre experience.”


Accompanied by the hand painted single artwork by Hannah herself, the full story of “Hide and Seek” comes together. Depicting a female jackalope enticing a male into the maze, the artwork sheds light on the beginning and chase to love. “For me, this [the painting and song] was an honest portrayal of falling in love,” she shares. “because it’s sultry, it’s enticing, but then it gets a little hectic and scary, borderline obsessive, like any good honeymoon phase.”

Above: “Hide and Seek” Single Artwork; Credit: Hannah Wicklund

Due out on Friday, October 13, The Prize — produced by Sam Kiszka, marking the Greta Van Fleet bassist’s first producer credit outside of his band — finds Wicklund coming into her own following the debut LP she released in 2018. This project showcases personal development translated through intentional musicianship all pointing to the thesis of the record: passing the baton from girlhood to womanhood. “I hope this record lyrically, musically, and artistically paints a picture of what raw feminine power and determination look, feel and sound like,” Hannah says. The empowering album features Kiszka on bass, keys and organ, while fellow Greta Van Fleet member, Danny Wagner, holds tempo on drums. The 10 songs on The Prize serve as a rock ‘n roll roadmap to a crossroads that Wicklund has been unknowingly gravitating towards for over a decade.

“Working with Hannah was an incredible experience that glowed with inspiration all the way through the process,” Kiszka shares about working on The Prize. “With the help of Daniel on drums, we were able to craft a fully realized album that tells Hannah’s story in the exciting vernacular tradition of rock n’ roll. I’m proud of this album, The Prize, for Hannah, as an incredibly gifted musical artist, and I’m delighted I was able to help capture that lightning in a bottle.”

X marks the spot where the weary girl, speeding towards the woman she will become, meets in a fiery head-on collision. On this album, we hear from the woman rising from that wreckage. The woman who’s scarred but smarter, holds compassion for the girl who carried her here, and with wide-open eyes, unflinchingly stares down the future.

Above: ‘The Prize’ Album Artwork; Credit: Hannah Wicklund

The Prize sonically parallels the experiences behind each lyric, working together to create an entire world within the record and highlighting the musical diversity Hannah brings to her music. Ethereal texturing, smokey falsetto vocals, string section surprises and guitar solos that carry equal parts pain and joy are woven tastefully into what Hannah says is, “A record that just sounds like ME.” “Musically, I’ve always had a very strong sense of self, especially with a guitar in my hands, and I have never had to reach very far to express what I’m feeling,” she admits. “Lyrically, however, this record encapsulates something new, or at least more evolved within myself. The life I have lived has not been easy, or stagnant, but it has offered me ample opportunity to learn and grow, even if it’s been the hard way.” Staying true to her own vision throughout this process, she’s remained grounded in the belief that how you do one thing, is how you do everything; “I’m messy, creative, emotional, and very, very passionate… If I can inspire one soul to follow their personal legend, I consider that a victory.”

Much like the paintings Hannah Wicklund has become known for — she’s also an accomplished artist with a brush and palette — each song on her sophomore offering is intricately entrancing and honored with two things seemingly lost in today’s world… patience and time. This record is rooted in embracing the femininity once shied away from, and exploring what becoming a woman has entailed. “Romantic relationships, business relationships, but most importantly the relationship I have with myself, all played their role in building this new world of mine,” Hannah declares. “A world in which I get to celebrate this beautiful peace I’ve finally found within myself; indeed, The Prize.

Tracklisting for The Prize:
“Hell In The Hallway”
“Hide and Seek”
“Lost Love”
“Song Bird Sing”
“The Prize”
“Can’t Get Enough”
“Dark Passenger”
“Sun To Sun”

Hannah Wicklund has been traveling fast and far, performing in big cities and small towns her whole life. She recently did a run of shows with fellow guitar slinger Markus King and she’ll continue this Summer and Fall with a mix of headlining shows and opening slots across Europe with Greta Van Fleet. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets.


Growing up on the beaches of Hilton Head, South Carolina, Hannah has always had music in her bones. At just three years old, she started taking piano lessons at her teacher Miss Ruth’s house. Surrounded by bright purple walls and bunnies they would feed in the backyard, music has been a fully immersive experience from the start. Playing rock n roll by the beach throughout her childhood, Hannah had abundant opportunities to cut her teeth playing every show that came her way, playing on her signature Anderson and Orange guitar/amp combo that she’s continued to use for 17 years straight. Through endless hard work and resounding determination, she continued to build her career on her own. She’s gone on to achieve multiple levels of greatness leading to this moment. She’s played Firefly Music Festival, Shaky Knees Music Festival, Bourbon & Beyond as well as Summerfest Kaboo Del Mar. In 2022, she toured as direct support for Marcus King on 45 dates of his North American tour and opened for Greta Van Fleet on the Canadian leg of their Dreams In Gold tour.

Though the road hasn’t been easy. “The struggle of being a woman in rock ‘n’ roll is truly real,” Wicklund states. “Men in power have quite literally said ‘she’s great, but it’s too hard to break a female in rock,’ and that’s just bs.”She decided to release her first record — Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones (2018) — on her own label, Strawberry Moon Records, but the decision to release The Prize the same way was not a quick or easy decision to come to. “Having my hands tied behind my back by men in the music business one too many times lit a fire in my soul to do it myself,” she reveals. “Five years has felt like an entire lifetime between records, but I truly believe I had to come full circle and believe in myself in a way I never had before and claim responsibility for my own success.”



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