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Two Rock Stars Travel to Fascinating Locations, Meet Incredible Guests and Eat Some Outstanding Plant-Based Food in Highway to Health!

New York City, NY, August 14, 2023 — UnchainedTV, founded by award-winning TV journalist and New York Times bestselling author Jane Velez-Mitchell, is now streaming rock star shows … literally.

Derrick & Tanya’s Highway To Health is a plant-based travel show with a rock ‘n’ roll twist. Hosted by international touring performers Derrick Green and Tanya O’Callaghan, the show follows these two rock stars on their travels to fascinating locations, where they meet incredible guests and eat some outstanding plant-based food!

Other stars, including Kat Von D and actor/director Kevin Smith, join in the adventure. Smith reveals how he had resisted his daughter, actress/musician Harley Quinn Smith, when she had urged him to go vegan. After suffering a heart attack, he decided to give it a try and was delighted at how much he was enjoying the food, while simultaneously seeing his health stats improve. It’s a jaw-dropping conversation in a series brilliantly directed by Lucy Jones and John Hennessy.

Host Derrick Green is an American musician best known as the vocalist of Brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura. Green is well acquainted with Brazil’s incredible array of exotic fruits and veggies, and viewers will feel like they are right there on tour with him as he samples mouthwatering cuisine. Also hosting is the acclaimed Irish musician Tanya O’Callaghan. This brilliant bassist has toured, recorded and written with legends such as Whitesnake, Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Maynard James Keenan (Tool/APC), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses) to name a few.

In a fortuitous twist of fate, O’Callaghan and Green are also featured in another incredible film also streaming on UnchainedTV, Punk Rock Vegan Movie, written and directed by none other than famed musician Moby himself.

UnchainedTV is the world’s only vegan-focused, animal rights streaming television network, providing more than 1,000 documentaries, cooking shows, talk shows and travel shows to inspire people to transition to a plant-based, cruelty-free lifestyle for animals, people and the planet.

A new University of Oxford study has shown that eating a plant-based diet can radically reduce one’s emissions footprint.

“The world’s top news outlets do countless stories about the climate crisis and the floods, fires, intense heat and other symptoms of this escalating problem,” Velez-Mitchell said. “A new Oxford study shows that people following plant-based diets account for 75% less in greenhouse gas emissions than those who eat more than 3.5 ounces of meat a day. And vegan diets also result in significantly less harm to land, water and biodiversity. It’s time to share this solution.”

After working for more than three decades in mainstream television, Velez-Mitchell started UnchainedTV because she was frustrated that a powerful solution to the climate and biodiversity crisis is being ignored. Ditto for the health care crisis.

UnchainedTV is nonprofit and completely free to watch. Download UnchainedTV on your phone via the app store. You can also download UnchainedTV on your television via your Amazon Fire Stick, Roku device or Apple TV device. And UnchainedTV is now available for download on all Samsung TVs. Watch online at:

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