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VEVA Sound and Creative Passport announce new collaboration to improve the path to credit attribution

London, 9th November 2021: VEVA Sound is today announcing a new collaboration between its platform VEVA Collect and global digital identity platform The Creative Passport. The joint initiative will make it easier for music makers using The Creative Passport’s verified digital ID to attribute their credits to projects within VEVA Collect.

Billed by VEVA Sound as the world’s first secure, cloud-based file-sharing and credits management platform, VEVA Collect has been launched during a time when file management and credit attribution remain disconnected roles within the music production workflow. This new initiative will make it seamless for users of The Creative Passport’s verified digital ID to attribute themselves into projects where files, credits, and metadata are being managed with VEVA Collect.

The Creative Passport was created by artist Imogen Heap as a platform for music makers to update, manage, and control all identifying information about themselves and their work. With so many identifiers, affiliations, and registrations services used by the industry, The Creative Passport has been built as a private repository controlled by the creator ensuring that all data is properly verified.

Through their work with DDEX, both companies have focused on the creation of digital value chain standards to make the exchange of data and information across the music industry more efficient. Implementing DDEX’s allowed value sets and messaging standards at the core of each platform enables the two companies to offer this interoperable solution.

At its core, this partnership is another step towards making attribution easier for music makers. It creates a direct path for The Creative Passport’s verified digital ID into VEVA Collect’s cloud-based file, credits, and metadata management capabilities.

Imogen Heap, The Creative Passport Founder, said: “I am very happy to announce our first integration with a credit capture software company, in this case VEVA Sound. It truly understands the importance of empowering the music maker to get their credits right then and there. Using your Creative Passport to share information means that there is no need to sign up to yet another separate service to verify who you are. This is the beginning of a simpler life we so strive to bring for music makers regarding their admin! This is about getting the credit info right in the session, virtually or in person to ultimately help you create your RIN message.”

Deborah Fairchild, VEVA Sound President, added: “We are thrilled to integrate with The Creative Passport. What Imogen, Carlotta and the team has built, allowing everyone’s digital identity to flow seamlessly into recording sessions and creative works, is an important next step to easily give credit where credit is due. We see this collaboration as a viable representation in the interoperability between music tech companies focused on empowering creators.”

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