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Wild Fire Releases Their Highly Anticipated Single, “What If We Never Met

The Sister duo delivers a truth-telling hit

NASHVILLE, TENN. – (Friday, October 29, 2021) – The dynamic pop-country duo, Kayla and Kelli Iutzwig, known as Wild Fire, release their latest single “What If We Never Met.” Sometimes we try too hard to make a relationship work when we know it is likely a lost cause. The message rings clear that it is sometimes easier if you would have never met someone at all than to continue on.

Wild Fire shares their valid feelings of losing someone and remembering that no matter how painful everything feels in the moment, it will get better. ‘“What If We Never Met” is about wishing you could start over with someone new. Many of us are fixers. We meet someone that we see potential in even though there are obvious red flags,” says Wild Fire.

Finding happiness again and realizing that the person who once broke you isn’t worth fighting for is one of the main themes in this song. Regarding continuing on in a bad relationship, Kalya and Kelli said, “The truth is, we are fooling ourselves. We should never waste precious time on someone who we have to constantly cater to.” Music is a language of emotion that can represent various feelings. “It’s ok to let go of relationships that do not add value to our lives. Just know that greater things are in store,” says Wild Fire.

The Houston, Texas-based artists recently received high praises for their single released in
August called, “Seventeen.” The sister-duo continues to make a name for themselves in the
music industry and are excited to share their latest single “What If We Never Met” on October 29.

For more information on Wild Fire and to see where they perform next, please visit or follow them at, Instagram @WildFireSings, Wild Fire | Spotify, and YouTube | Wild Fire.


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