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New Music Platform Launch – AVENUEAR

Los Angeles, CA (AUGUST 18, 2021): Startup music venture, AVENUEAR, has announced today the launch of its digital music, a delivery platform where independent artists will have the unique opportunity to submit their music material directly to industry professionals including key A&R executives, producers, publishers, music supervisors, managers, curators, radio DJs, and A-list musicians in real-time. Among these executives include Rodney Jerkins, Jeff Fenster, Ken Komisar, Chris Gotti, Daniel Werner, Jazmine Valencia, DJ Clue, Latin power executive Jonathan Gandarilla “Ganda” and more. (For the full list of all executives click HERE)

Founded and created by entrepreneur, music veteran, and inventor, JAY LEOPARDI, AvenueAR has created a bridge for those artists, songwriters, and producers who have encountered a barrier of the refrain of ‘no unsolicited materials’ by all record labels in the past. “Our cutting-edge technology and preparatory ‘Music Evaluation System’ empowers independent musicians to strike a record, publishing and or licensing deal more efficiently than ever before and enables executives to discover the best talent and material 24hrs a day,” explained Leopardi. “Major & independent label executives on our platform are hungry looking for new talent but can’t seem to connect with them until now, and AvenueAR is the perfect platform for that”.

Backed by industry-leading music executives, AvenueAR has combined forces with some of the best entertainment executives who have identified music trends and have pioneered careers for some of the greatest musicians in the world. The platform will include a variety of executives who concentrate on diverse genres such as Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Electronic, Latin, Rock, Country, and more.

Additionally, AvenueAR has teamed up with industry giant and Grammy® Award-winning plugin company WAVES AUDIO as part of their global launch. Waves Audio is the world’s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets. With this, artists, writers, and producers will have access to unlimited cloud storage for their music, benefits from Waves Audio, and more.

Similarly, another remarkable feature added to the AvenueAR platform consists of data and market insights from CHARTMETRIC. Chartmetric’s data will play an important role in delivering executives a crystal-clear overview of how every submission is performing on all master analytics including social media, radio, and streaming.

AvenueAR has also created the interface FANDIVVY where music fans around the world will be compensated similar to royalties, for evaluating and following artists on the platform. AvenueAR offers a 14-day free trial and then $9.99 per month with no strings attached. Lastly, through AvenueAR’s unique algorithmic delivery platform, inspiring artists, writers, and producers will be able to choose their delivery times:
● $20 –   Delivered in 10 days
● $30 –   Delivered in 5 days
● $100 – Same day delivery

AvenueAR has inked deals with major record labels, production companies, management, radio DJs, curators, and more. Executives are currently accepting music submissions.

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