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No Stones Left Unturned: Prime Insures Rolling Stones ’21 Tour

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Rolling Stones have kicked off their 2021 No Filter Tour, and Prime Insurance Company has agreed to insure the event with Prime’s contingency policy – allowing Prime to insure the tour when others would not.

Currently, the average insurance company is tightening its guidelines and dropping entire classes of businesses. Queue Prime Insurance Company—an insurance company that provides options and solutions for specialty liability risks where few others would.

The unique approach to conducting business of Rick J. Lindsey, President, CEO, and Chairman of Prime Insurance Company, helped close the deal. Lindsey believes the insured and the insurance company need to work together as equal partners because they both have significant incurred financial risk exposure.

“Generally, the insurance industry is structured with lawyers and bureaucracy, as opposed to dealing directly with the insured,” said Lindsey. “Our team believes in full transparency—which is why we value these direct and open conversations that get right to the heart of the risk, the insured’s perspective, and what the value is in Prime providing liability coverage. Making customers happy is our goal, and with direct contact, we can ensure everyone has the same goals and strategy. It’s truly a mutually beneficial partnership.”

Prime secured a deal through its valued partners at Acrisure, LLC. Standard market contingency policies provide coverage for a variety of threats to ensure the successful completion of a tour such as protecting tours against weather, terror events, and non-appearance of band members. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the possibility of a shutdown of a concert venue by a civil authority, the need for coverage has resulted in the contingency insurance market retreating from offering this vital coverage enhancement. Prime, however, is providing this contingency coverage when others are excluding it entirely.

Prime has insured many special events in a variety of risks, venues, interests, locations—resulting in a proven track record of knowledge in insurance coverage, mitigating risk, and providing superior claims services.

“Our skilled staff of underwriters, risk managers, and claims professionals lead the way to make sure we can handle risks big or small, new initiatives, first time, one and only, once in a lifetime,” said Lindsey. “This is an awesome opportunity to be a part of bringing this legendary rock-and-roll band to the U.S., and we are thrilled to take it on.”

When there is time, money, safety, and reputation at stake, Prime delivers a stellar experience. To learn more about Prime Insurance Company, visit

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