Renowned Guitarists/Founders of California Conservatory of Music Create New Music Learning and Teaching Platform/App Proven to Help Music Students Practice More

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Sunnyvale, California — Music learning and teaching platform Practice Space ( today announced a major update to its online service for music teachers and students.  Practice Space is used by private music teachers, music teaching studios, and community music schools worldwide, and is proven to increase the amount of time students practice, as well as increasing student retention.

Practice Space is the brainchild of renowned guitar teachers Robert Miller and Chris Mallett, who have developed multi-faceted careers as performers, educators, and entrepreneurs. Committed to spreading their love for music, they have collectively performed throughout the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia; founded The California Conservatory of Music, which serves over 700 San Francisco Bay Area students; and in this current venture, a platform that helps music teachers engage their students, in-person, virtually and in the practice room.

With Practice Space teachers can make great digital assignments for their students with notes, video demonstrations, audio recordings, PDFs and other attachments. The easy-to-use platform comes with a media and assignment library, so teachers can use content with students again and again, and get clear insight into how much students are practicing and what they are working on. Students get a clear vision of what to practice every session, and also get access to in-app motivators like practice streaks, the teacher’s studio’s leaderboard, and avatars and backgrounds to dress up their app! They also can earn in-app prizes, and Practice Space’s great customizable “In-Studio Rewards” feature lets them earn real awards that they can get at their lesson.

“Practice Space Co-founder Christopher Mallett and I were inspired by our teacher-mentor to create “leader boards” for our students to encourage practice. Back in the day, we did that on paper. Now our students open the Practice Space app, get their lesson assignments, feedback from their teachers, and practice a lot more. We are sharing a tried-and-true solution to motivate instrumental and vocal students to practice more, and more effectively — and it’s fun!”

  • Robert Miller, Practice Space founder, master guitar teacher

“As a vocal teacher who is a small business entrepreneur, Practice Space is changing the way I am growing my online music teaching studio. COVID-19 motivated me to quickly move my vocal music school online. Thanks to Practice Space, I have a tool to help the new vocal instructors I’m hiring more effectively motivate and teach their students. It’s a game-changer.”

The new Practice Space, which now includes a new web interface for teachers to manage their students and studios, is free as a trial for the spring of 2021. Sign-up for access and start motivating your students to practice more, and make more music, starting today.

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