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Guitar Girl Magazine Special Edition 2023 – “I Belong”


I am excited to share our 2022 “I Belong: Celebrating Female and Non-Binary Artists of Color.” Guitar Girl Magazine partnered with Guitar Gabby & The TxLips Band to curate this edition dedicated to highlighting artists of color making changes in the music industry.

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Guitar Girl Magazine Special Edition 2023

I Belong: Celebrating Female
and Non-Binary Rockstars of Color

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The 2023 “I Belong” edition was curated by Guitar Gabby & The TxLips Band and is dedicated to highlighting female and gender-expansive artists of color pushing for change in the entertainment industry. This edition was a special one to curate because it visibly reminds the world of the diversity in the people around them.

Guitar Gabby & The TxLips Band, LLC. is a global entity that triples as a strategy academy, a consulting group, and an international touring rock collective called The TxLips Gang. We are a group of professional women and gender non-conforming folk that challenge the equality of powers in every industry. Representation is important, so we partner with entities such as Guitar Girl Magazine to bring light to the many female and gender-expansive artists pushing for change in the music industry.

We believe in empowering our readers to follow their passions by showing diversity in storytelling and intentional representation. This edition highlights the stories of Afro-Indígena guitarist Suyá Synergy, a cosmic soul that uses art and music to provide healing through molecular vibrations, and Xtine Reckless, the daughter of bass legend George Fullwood, who believes “there’s no limit to one’s imagination in storytelling.”

Our two cover artists for this edition are Dallas native Jess Garland and Sage Bond of the Navajo Tribe in Flagstaff, Arizona. Jess Garland founded Swan Strings and is the Executive Director of Girls Rock Dallas. She uses her passion to educate and empower people to use their gifts to change the world. Sage Bond is a heavy metal guitarist that speaks power through her music. She is a leader for change, and her guitar transcends the intersections of music and healing.

We appreciate the continued support of readers like you. The future of change starts with us.

Gabriella “Guitar Gabby” Logan
Diversity Editor, Guitar Girl Magazine

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Guitar Girl Magazine

Tara Low is the visionary founder and dedicated editor of Guitar Girl Magazine, pioneering a space where women's voices in the music industry are amplified. With a passion for both music and empowerment, she continues to shape a platform that celebrates and promotes female talent in the world of guitar playing.

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