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Henry Heller HJQ2-08 Woven Jacquard series guitar strap


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Henry Heller Woven Vintage Jacquards

Made From woven jacquard materials with a smooth nylon underside.

Henry Heller Vintage woven jacquard guitar strap with deluxe metal tri-glide hardware and genuine riveted leather ends. Comfortable to wear. Retro, cool, and vintage vibe.

  • 2″ guitar strap
  • Nylon backing
  • Tri-glide adjustment
  • Garment leather ends
  • Colors:  orange, yellow and brown design on black background with black ends

Henry Heller Vintage style straps circa 1960s and 1970s

Henry Heller offers dozens of different patterns in their Vintage woven Jacquard series. All straps are made with deluxe hardware and riveted leather ends. All the Vintage Jacquards by Henry Heller are manufactured in the USA in our Sheridan, Indiana factory.

Only one in stock, so order NOW before it’s gone!

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