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Kalie Shorr is at times vulnerable and other times pure energy in new album ‘I Got Here By Accident’

I Got Here By Accident by country and pop artist Kalie Shorr due out August 13, 2021, via TMWRK Records (pre-save/pre-add here) brings to mind the golden age of Riot Grrl music as inspired by seminal bands such as Bikini Kill and even newer artists including Avril Lavigne. The distinctive difference is Shorr’s own individual voice and truly unique songwriting that can be compared to the angst of singers such as Liz Phair while still maintaining her own story from start to finish to create an incredible album.

Ahead of the release, Shorr released two tracks from the EP earlier this year on TikTok,  “Love Child” and “Amy,”  where they have been viewed over 3 million times to date.

Shorr presents creative cadences in songs like “I Heard You Got A Girl” and “Love Child” to demonstrate her diversity that makes sense of the true essence of pop-punk without the stereotypical macho energy of the genre. There’s no denying that I Got Here By Accident is one powerhouse of an album as the listener is sure to start dancing and singing along with the first chord and vocal inflection.

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At times vulnerable and other moments pure energy, Kalie Shorr and I Got Here By Accident is a complete project that deserves to be played loud on the speakers with empowerment and excitement. Her individual singing skills and motivation make this five-song EP feel like a pep talk from your best friend when you need a positive influence in your life.

Kalie Shorr is an artist who deserves recognition from the mainstream and can reach the top of the charts easily. What makes this album and the artist unique is the rebellious nature and unparalleled content that feels familiar and different at the same time. I Got Here By Accident is the definition of personality in one particular album. Each track feels like a special ode to a different feeling that can be interpreted in all sorts of ways. You can find Kalie Shorr on Spotify and all streaming platforms.

I Got Here By Accident follows her highly successful album Open Book: Unabridged.

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– Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer

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