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MaHA Rocks stands out in new album, ‘I Will Survive’

Listening to MaHA Rocks album I Will Survive brings to mind a true powerhouse of music with the likes of popular alternative acts such as Garbage and the Pretty Reckless until you find out the artist is solo and truly talented as an independent performer. The Ukrainian rocker presents a heavy-hitting album that breaks the boundaries of the alternative music scene. The album is set to drop on October 17.

Beginning with the standout anthem “Feel Proud,” MaHA Rocks brings pure energy to the album with a dramatic debut that demonstrates her power as a vocalist and songwriter. “Survive” follows with a rhythmic track that features stunning spoken word and melodic appeal with a great guitar riff to make this song a standout single.

As I Will Survive progresses, the listener can enjoy more individual tunes with the distinct voice of MaHA Rocks with an emphasis on classically trained craftsmanship and familiarity with music production. Other songs such as “I Can’t Believe” demonstrate natural vulnerability with a message of heartbreak and perseverance.

MaHA Rocks brings European style to the mainstream with songwriting that is both honest and catchy for a multitude of listeners who enjoy diverse music. Bluesy and emotional at moments and other songs upbeat and energetic, I Will Survive is a special collection for anyone who wants to experience creativity through music.

I Will Survive is an inspiring album for singers and songwriters while also displaying the true talent of a performer with raw and original talent. MaHA Rocks certainly is a role model for aspiring artists that want their voice to be heard. Each progression through this album takes the songs to the next level with emotion and raw feelings.

Overall, I Will Survive remains a melody for those experiencing trauma and triumphs. Whether it’s a relationship or loss, there’s something to look out in every word and chord.

– Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer

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